PSKC AGM on 25th February 2020

Portobello Sailing and Kayaking Club AGM

25 February 2020 at 7.30 pm in Bellfield Small Hall

Present: Ali Grant, Richard Hope, Catherine Scott, Pam MacDiarmid, John Holligan, Dominic Green, Paul Carlyle, Neil Chalmers, Allan Smith, Mack Foster, Peter Bradley, Katherine Stephen, Gail Begg, Morag Taylor, Derek McGregor, Morag Grant, Anna Leibmann, Fiona Schafer, Jessie Normaschild, Mike Appleby, Philippe Bienfait, Murdo Macleod, Jack Mitchell (RYA Scotland), Cathy Holman, Chris Holman, Lynn Palmer, Sara Christey, Tor Crawley, David Crawley, Jane Martin, Gair Brisbane, Danny Hyginson, Katerina Stein, David Simpson, Michael Reville, Ian Martin, Alec Martin.

  1. Welcome

Richard Hope welcomed everyone and outlined the format of the meeting. 

  • Apologies: Anthony Alderson and Andy Johnston
  • Minutes of previous meeting: approved
  • Matters arising: none
  • Chair’s Report

Ali Grant reported on trustee activity which has been going on behind the scenes during a busy year for the club, including:

  • Issuing a quarterly newsletter to all members.
  • Negotiating a new insurance policy to reflect our full range of activities.
  • Working with architect John Kinsley on the design, neighbour consultation and planning stage for a new building to replace the shed.
  • Tackling the issue of unused boats in the yard by developing new terms and conditions for storage: it will no longer be possible to renew automatically and priority will be given to those who are active in the club.
  • Negotiating new 20 year lease with the Council.

The club has reached its highest ever membership (370).  With limited kit and people to lead activities the trustees are wondering if there should be a limit on membership and a new focus on upskilling existing members.

Spond seems to be working well as a communication system. Across the three disciplines (rowing, sailing and kayaking) there are lots of guides, risk assessments and standard operating procedures: these need to be centralised and made as robust as possible.

Ali paid tribute to the club’s former chair, Ian Coldwell, who had sadly died during the year.  She thanked her fellow trustees, the club’s bookkeeper Lynn Palmer, and the many volunteers who keep the club and its activities going.

  • Presentation of accounts

At the suggestion of a member after last year’s AGM the club had switched from fully audited accounts to a receipts and payments account prepared by an accountant.  Early in the year the club’s Treasurer had ceased to be involved with the club; however, the Chair had taken on the role of Treasurer and OSCR were content with that arrangement.  The accounts had been circulated prior to the meeting.  No comments or questions were received in writing or at the meeting.

  • Adoption of accounts: the accounts were approved.
  • Appointment of auditors: the club’s existing accountants were reappointed.
  • Election of committee

The club’s trustees all stood down. John Holligan has chosen not to stand again.  Sara Christey, Anthony Alderson, Andy Johnston, Richard Hope, Ali Grant and Catherine Scott put themselves forward for re-election.  Allan Smith, Jane Martin David Crawley, Paul Walker and Harry Crawley put themselves forward for election.  There being no objections, all who put themselves forward were elected as trustees.

There was a vote of thanks to all who have served as trustees during the past year and to those who have offered their services this year.

  1. Resolutions

Richard Hope introduced two resolutions to change the constitution: the first to remove the category of family membership and the second to introduce a new membership category of young adult member.  Richard emphasised that the club remained supportive of families but also has a duty to keep accurate membership records and this was proving difficult in relation to family memberships.  The young adult member category was to encourage younger people to join the club – it would be for persons aged 18 to 25, with a membership fee £20 per year. 

Paperwork regarding the resolutions had been circulated earlier. A show of hands established that almost all of those present were in favour and there being no objections, the resolutions were approved.

  1. Closing remarks

Ali Grant thanked everyone for their attendance and invited all to remain to hear club member David Simpson’s presentation about circumnavigating Ireland in a kayak.

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