Trustee minutes 16th January 2020

PSKC trustees meeting 16th January 2020

Present: Sara Christey, Catherine Scott, Anthony Alderson, Andy Johnstone, john Holligan, Ali Grant, Richard Hope

Accidents/ Incidents/ near Misses – Non to report.

Rowing capsize feedback – A rowing meeting took place where the new systems that need putting in place were discussed. All the rowers will be informed of the decisions in the coming week. After this Catherine will distribute the outcome to trustees and it will be discussed at the next meeting.  Catherine

Roof repair – John is chasing up the shed roof repair to get it done before the season starts.  John

New lease – An outline agreement was brought forward by Catherine.  This was based on advice from a lawyer who is an expert in this area.  A licence between the Beach House and PSKC was discussed.  The licence would run monthly and could be ended by either party.  The alternative is to draw up a lease that included The Beach House and would try and future proof the relationship between PSKC and the The Beach House by including in it all possible scenarios that might lead to a termination of the joint use of the yard.  The trustees had a preference for the monthly lease.  More discussion will be had over the details of this lease.  Catherine

EVOC – We decided to wait until the new trustees have joined before booking this.

Storage – Three people are removing their boats.  In April their membership will not be renewed. Richard is drafting a new form for storage members to sign at the start of the season in April.  Richard

Roles and jobs for next year – The wide variety of governance and management tasks that the trustees currently undertake was discussed.  Anthony volunteered to create a possible job description for a person to take on management tasks.  Andy is to collect current roles from trustees.  Andy, Anthony

AGM – It will be on Tuesday 25th Feb at Bellfield at 7.30.  It will include a talk by Dave Simpson.  Ali will send out the official notifications, including accounts, in the next week. Ali

Future Plans – The Plans are being sent to the council.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) – This is being progressed by Malcolm

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