Trustees meeting 12th May 2020

MINUTES of a meeting of the Trustees, held on ZOOM at 7.30 p.m. on the 12th May.

1.    Present:

Trustees:  David Crawley (Chair) Allan Smith (Treasurer), Harry Crawley, Sara Christie, Catherine Scott, Jane Martin, Richard Hope (Membership Secretary) Anthony Alderson

2.   Not Present: Paul Walker

3.   Apologies: There were no apologies.

4. Minutes of the Meeting of the 1st April 2020: The minutes of the previous meeting were circulated following the meeting no amendments were requested.

5. Matters Arising: None

ACTION: Sara Christie agreed to follow up with Paul Walker to make sure that we have the correct contact details for Paul and that he is still keen to participate as a Trustee

6. Trust appointments

Andy Johnstone has retired as a trustee and as Secretary.

Ali Grant has retired as a Trustee and as Chair

Trustees agreed the appointment of Anthony Alderson as Secretary. However, it was acknowledged that over the summer months, specifically July and August, due to other commitments, Anthony may not be able to attend meetings.

7. Communication to Club members

In discussion, trustees agreed that Communication to the club would remain as simple as possible explaining that, following Government advice, the club would remain closed for club activities.

Trustees acknowledged that if individuals are taking their own boats out for daily exercise then they should remain free to do so, but, strictly at their own risk.

Richard Hope expressed concern about hygiene and the potential for people to spread the virus whilst using the gates and padlocks.

David Crawley suggested that the club should remain locked at all times, even when people took their own boats out, as members boats may not be uninsured, due to members suspending policies due to the lockdown.

ACTION:David Crawley to send communication to the membership explaining the current club policy in regard to COVID 19.

9. Finance

Lynn has not been able to give us an update on the club’s current finances.  Allan will prepare a paper on finances for the next trust meeting. Sara confirmed that the club has around £32,000 on the bank account.

ACTION: Allan to prepare finance paper for the next board meeting.


David Crawley attended a zoom call with Jack Mitchell and other RYA team members on 28th April for ‘NEW LINK EAST FOCUS CLUB MEETING’. David explained that many clubs are in a similar situation as ours in regards to membership, most anticipated only a 35% take up on membership. By comparison PSKC was doing OK.

11. Membership

By the end of last season we had 370 members. So far we have 186 members that have renewed. 159 adults, 6 young adults and 26 juniors. There seems to be a great deal of loyalty, there was an influx following both reminders. A third to follow.

Storage, so far 29 of the 51 are paid, 3 have confirmed they will be leaving following the relaxing of social distancing restrictions.

Following discussion, Trustees agreed that they would extend renewal period until the end of June for this year and that Richard Hope should continue to encourage their loyalty to the club. Following the end of June, those people who have not renewed their membership, will no longer be members.

ACTION: Richard to email membership one more time regarding renewal of membership and storage.

ACTION: Allan agreed to research the process of gift aid on converting membership to donations.

12. Documentation

Following discussion, trustees agreed that they would email Anthony Alderson all documents relating to the club that they held. This would be both Governance documentation and any member policy documentation.

Richard Hope explained that changes to the constitution, made at the AGM needed to be changed in the constitution.

Catherine Scott highlighted the usefulness of ‘SLACK’ an app that she and Richard had previously set up. This would enable trustees to maintain communication away from email and create a communication trail for current and future trustees.

After discussion, Trustees agreed that the administration of the GO membership needs to be reviewed and reduced to only Trustees.

David Crawley requested a review of subcommittee comms in order to maintain much better communication within the club.  Catherine Scott explained how rowporty committee works and that minutes are kept on the rowporty website. Catherineagreed to send minutes to David and website details to trustees. Richard Hope explained that Kayaking committee is rather informal and often meeting are held on the water.

Catherine Scott explained that the subcommittees do have a remit set by the trustees and there is a document that sets that out.

ACTION: Trustees to email documentation that they have to Anthony.

ACTION: Catherine Scott offered to email Andy Johnstone to retrieve trust documents

ACTION: David offered to email Ali Grant for all of her previous files

ACTION: Trustees agreed the need to research the best online system for the storage of documents.

ACTION: Richard to review ‘Go Membership’ software access privileges. Trustees acknowledged that only Trustees should have access to these records and that access by other members should be restricted. Anthony agreed that he would review this as part of GDPR/personal data policy

 13. Trustee Roles

  • Richard Hope agreed to remain in post as Membership Secretary.
  • Jane Martin agreed to lead on Income generation and Fundraising initiatives relating to the new building.
  • Anthony Alderson agreed to compile all Trustee documentation, both governance documents and Policy documents.
  • Sara Christie agreed to oversee the building project

14. AOB

Building project

There was a discussion regarding the new building project. Sara Christie gave a brief overview of where the project was in regards to funding and planning. Planning is currently being considered.

Sara Christie suggested that perhaps while we are closed we should take the opportunity of the closure to look at moving the project forward once planning was agreed.

Richard Hope explained that the application to Sports Scotland was due to go in by September.

Trustees agreed that we should wait until we have planning before committing to any loan applications and that we should continue with the applications already planned.

Jane Martin explained that there may be funding opportunities under more flexible applications due to the Covid 19 crisis.

ACTION: Sara Christie contact Jack Mitchell at RYA to review funding avenues and to review our plans to make the application to Sport Scotland.

ACTION: Jane Martin to explore options in terms of trust fundraising

ACTION: David to speak to Ali Grant in relation to the new building

ACTION: Richard agreed to share building documents with the trustees

David Crawley expressed the board’s thanks to both Ali Grant and Andy Johnstone for all of their support, energy, continued effort and service to the club as trustees and as Chair and Secretary.

Both Ali and Andy have requested that they both be taken off trustee comms, David requested that all future comms be kept within the current Trustees.

Catherine Scott gave an overview of the General Insurance policies and explained that the club’s broker has offered a discount if the premium was paid now. Trustees agreed this should be paid now. Trustees agreed that additions to the policies being offered were not worth it.

Trustees agreed that we should pay the lease now and not delay.  

Date of next meeting 14th July 7.30pm location tbc.


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