Trustees meeting 14th July 2020

MINUTES of a meeting of the Trustees, held on ZOOM at 7.30 p.m. on the 14th July 2020.

1.   Present:

Trustees:  David Crawley (Chair) Allan Smith (Treasurer), Harry Crawley, Sara Christie, Catherine Scott, Jane Martin, Richard Hope (Membership Secretary) Anthony Alderson, Paul Walker

2. Apologies: There were no apologies.

3. Matters Arising: None

4. Action Points brought forward from previous meeting

David Crawley welcomed and thanked trustees for their time.  DC outlined correspondence to the club membership, suggested that he would like access to the Rowing and Kayaking Spond Groups to retain consistency, this was agreed by Catherine Scott (CS) and Richard Hope (RH).

Allan Smith (AS) confirmed that Gift Aid on donations was a non-starter.

ACTION: Anthony Alderson(AA) requested an up-to-date version of the constitution, Richard Hope(RH) agreed to email this complete with changes agreed at the AGM.

ACTION: Catherine Scott (CS) to email AA copies of Insurance Documents

ACTION: Sara Christie to contact Jack Mitchell at RYA to review funding avenues and to review our plans to make the application to Sport Scotland.

Jane Martin (JM) Has been exploring funds and believes there are a couple of funds that may be applicable, but needs more information about the project and is meeting Sara Christie to discuss it.

DC met with Ali Grant. David had a further very positive conversation with Jack Mitchell

CS confirmed that we were not insured for use of the tractor, CS agree to call insures

5. Conflict of Interest

AA outlined the Conflict of Interest forms and asked that Trustees complete these in relation to activities they may feel are conflicts in relation to the club.

As an example, AA outlined that whilst the relationship with the Beach House was extremely positive, it was important to highlight that there is a potential conflict that exists so that the board could acknowledge these and discuss them when they arose.

Any person with a conflict could be part of a discussion, but clearly would not have a vote on the conflicted issue should a vote be necessary.

It would be good practice to raise conflicts as a standing item at the first meeting following the AGM. CS suggested that conflicts should be discussed on a regular basis as they arise, trustees agreed.

JM reiterated that this was good governance

ACTION: Trustees to complete Conflict of Interest forms and return them to AA

6. Membership update

Members: Richard conformed:  226 members, 188 9 young members 29 junior members

RH outlined that he had received a great many emails about when activities might start, particularly from beginners.

Storage, Paid; 26 kayaks and 19 dingys paid for, 3 outstanding. 1 left to contact.

Conrad removing his boat

3 new kayaks

A great many requests for storage, 15 requests for mainly kayaks.

RH asked what the board position was on new members with storage requirements.

DC reminded trustees that up and coming building work would be restrictive on space and suggested storage should be suspended.  Trustees agreed, although there may be some rack space that should be considered. RH suggested we should be able to house 3 new kayaks.  Harry Crawley suggested it would be good to encourage storage for new kayaks RH informed that board that one person had offered to make a film for us.

DC Definition of Young person and juniors needed to be reflected in the SOPs

JM raised concern that there was no mention of Child protection policy in the SOPs, RH acknowledged that there was an active Child protection policy and would send it to AA.

ACTION: AA will continue to gather documents.

DC thanked RH for his hard work on the membership and acknowledge that it was positive news despite the lack of activity.

RH suggested that he hasn’t done anything about ex members still on SPOND and Trustees agreed that non members should be notified that they would be removed.  CS agreed, DC outlined that

AA asked of Spond should be used for marketing. RH disagreed and made it clear that Spond should be used for members signing up for activities and marketing should be done elsewhere. Trustees agreed.

CS reminded Trustees that Spond was was for members only. DS acknowledged that we should look at the marketing comms.

HC asked who has login to Facebook. CS outlined that Rowporty has a Facebook, but didn’t know who worked on PSKC. RH acknowledge that he and Graeme Findlay were administrators, HC agreed to take over. CS and RH explained that there were several layers of comms as there is a kayaking Face book page also but not used.

ACTION: HC to take over the Facebook administration

ACTION: HC agreed to look at layers of media comms and create an agreed signage etc. ACTION: Harry to report back to the board on Facebook, Instagram, website etc. 

JM mentioned that HC should extend his research to include the Rowporty site too.  CS stated that this has always come down to local knowledge of the various sites, but this needs to be rationalised.  Trustees agreed that media comms need to be examined and rationalised back into one place.

7. Finance Report Allan Smith (AS)

AS is looking forward to meeting Lynn, but has not been able to do that yet. On inspection, accounts seem reasonably simple. 31st March 2020 accounts not yet been passed to H&co. They need to be filed end of the year.

P&L year to date reflects the inactivity but actually this has maintained a reasonable cash position. Some changes in the categorisation makes it difficult to make an accurate annual comparison. However, significantly, income is down £4,500 explained by a drop in membership fees and an adjustment in budgets. Overall AS felt it was better than he expected.  Liabilities for the year include £1,500 of accounting costs along with £600/700 worth of software costs.

As confirmed that the bank balance was at £31,500. This includes restricted funds of around £7000 including funds raised in memory of Ian Caldwell of £1,945 and just under £5000 for Castlebrae. JM asked if funds were given were restricted.   Tara and Jackie Caldwell to agree with Trustees how this money should be spent. RH confirmed that this was money to help improve access for young people who might not otherwise afford to take part. Any scheme is yet to be confirmed.

AS agreed to check with Ali Grant as to what this was allocated for. AA suggested that perhaps funds could be used towards the building project as this included education space?

ACTION : AS to explore what Castlebrae funds are to be used for with Ali Grant.

ACTION : SC to speak to Tara and Jackie Caldwell about those funds and how to use them.

CS asked how carry over of funds should be allocated, as it has caused problems in the past.

As confirmed that last year £2,500 allocated to activities.  £1250 to sailing £500 to rowing £750 to kayaking. This seems to happen most years.

CS informed Trustees that Pam Mcdirmid, rowing treasurer, maintained rowing expenditure with Lynn.  In the past, different members raise funds for different activities with funds being earmarked to different activities. AS agreed to speak to Lynn but acknowledged that funds were split out into different disciplines.

RH informed AS that he did the same for the Kayakers.

RH informed the board that previously, after core funding had been agreed with contingencies, the Trustees would agree that a sum could then be allocated to the sports with 50% to sailing, 30% to kayaking and 20% to rowing. This reflect income from storage etc. For the last 2 years this was £5000 allocated at different times depending on membership.

DC confirmed that Andy Johnstone is looking for an allocation for this summer for sailing as there is no carry over from the previous budget.  DC asked what policy should be on allocation particularly with maintenance required.  CS suggested that previously each discipline has put in a budget request. Budgets should be prioritised.  SC suggested Joe’s Feva is in very good condition and we should buy it. AA suggested we return to each discipline requesting budget. RH suggested that perhaps it should be allocated on membership not per discipline and not without a fixed budget.

RH reminded Trustees that along with allocation of budget, the Trust previously set objectives for each discipline in terms of spending and reviewed these. CS agreed that it worked extremely well. 

JM added that given the lack of activity a two-stage distribution was sensible. DC agreed. An allocation now for maintenance and then we discuss additional budgets. AS suggested that large sums should be agreed like boat purchase.. Trustees agreed that £2,500 should be allocated as in previous years. £1,250 to sailing, £750 to kayaking and £500 to rowing. The same was allocated later in the year.

8. Update to SOP’s

DC requested Trustee approval for the change in the SOPs for safety boat cover.  CS asked if we were agreeing SOPs overall.

AA suggested that we should agree them as they are as a working document.

RH acknowledged there was still changes to be made to rowing SOPs

JM suggested that the SOP should cross reference the Child Protection policy under duty of care section. Trustees agreed and approved SOPs changes

ACTION: AA to update SOP’s with changes above.

9. Covid update and Return to Water

No change since the last meeting, the club is still only able to accommodate individuals using their own equipment. DC agreed to reiterate position to members.

RH confirmed that Kayaking is beginning to do more. CS updated Trustees that rowing committee was meeting to explore options and would report back. CS also suggested that there needs to be better comms between discipline so that individuals know who is in the yard.  Trustees agreed we should cross that bridge as it came up with a nominated member of each discipline.

10. Inspection kits

SC remined trustees that builders were planning to dig inspection pits in the club. Cost will be £1,300

DC stated that builders Insurance and schedule of works needs to be agreed so that he can communicate with members.

RH agreed that 3 wks notice to members should be given.

11. Water and Rubbish

RH reported that members had reported to him that water wasn’t working.

SC not aware that water has been turned off, could be plumber who has been working in the Café.  SC agreed that she would continue to keep an eye on the yard and rubbish left.  RH suggested people contact SC regarding rubbish in the yard. SC agreed.

DC reminded Trustees that the yard is the responsibility of all members.

12. AOB

DC reported that Jack Mitchell had suggested that the club make an application to RYA for a staged development officer and would assist. They would provide staged funding over a number of years. Trustees agreed this was a good idea.

Date of next meeting 15th September 7.30pm location tbc.


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