Trustees meeting 1st April 2020

PSKC Trustees Meeting (on Zoom)

1 April 2020

  1. Present:

Anthony Alderson, David Crawley, Catherine Scott, Harry Crawley, Jane Martin, Allan Smith, Sara Christey, Andy Johnstone, Richard Hope, Ali Grant

  • Apologies

Paul Walker

  • Welcome and introductions

Andy welcomed the new trustees and everyone introduced themselves.

  • Membership this year

As a result of the Coronavirus crisis the club cannot offer activities at the moment but still has overheads.  Subscriptions are due from today.

Andy to draft and circulate round the trustees a letter to members asking them to pay their subscription if they can but showing understanding of the difficulties people may be facing at this time.

It was agreed that storage fees would continue to be payable as the boats continue to be stored even if they cannot be used.

Sara to contact Graham at the Council to ask if we can get a rebate on our rent for the yard.

Insurance is due to be renewed in May.  Catherine to discuss with insurers whether the premium can be reduced due to the club not functioning as it usually would, and to ask for the premium to be payable quarterly to spread out costs.

  • Election of office-bearers

After discussion, David Crawley was appointed as Chair and Allan Smith as Treasurer.  The appointment of a Secretary was deferred to the next meeting.  Catherine Scott took the minutes of this meeting.

Andy indicated he would be resigning as a trustee after this meeting, but would continue to be involved in the sailing sub-committee.  Ali and Catherine indicated that they intended to resign part way through the year.

  • Date of next meeting

Tuesday 12 May at 7.30.  Anthony to set up a Zoom Meeting.

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