Trustees meeting 15th September 2020


MINUTES of a meeting of the Trustees, held on ZOOM at 7.30 p.m. on the 15th September 2020.

  1. Present:

Trustees:  David Crawley (DC) (Chair), Sara Christie (SC), Jane Martin (JM), Richard Hope (RH) (Membership Secretary) Anthony Alderson (AA) (Secretary),

2. Apologies: Allan Smith (AS) (Treasurer), Harry Crawley (HC), Paul Walker (PW), Catherine Scott (CS)

  1. Matters Arising: None
  2. Action Points brought forward from previous meetings


DC requested that all action points from previous meetings should be reviewed. SC acknowledged that she still needed to speak to Tara and Jackie Caldwell regarding designated funds collected earlier in the year.



From 12th May


ACTION: Trustees to email documentation that they have to Anthony.

ACTION: Catherine Scott (CS) offered to email Andy Johnstone to retrieve trust documents

ACTION: David (DC) offered to email Ali Grant for all of her previous files

ACTION: Trustees agreed the need to research the best online system for the storage of documents.

ACTIONS: Richard to review ‘Go Membership’ software access privileges. Trustees acknowledged that only Trustees should have access to these records and that access by other members should be restricted. Anthony agreed that he would review this as part of GDPR/personal data policy

ACTION: Richard agreed to share building documents with the trustees


From 14th July

ACTION: Anthony Alderson(AA) requested an up-to-date version of the constitution, Richard Hope(RH) agreed to email this complete with changes agreed at the AGM.

ACTION: Catherine Scott (CS) to email AA copies of Insurance Documents

ACTION: Sara Christie to contact Jack Mitchell at RYA to review funding avenues and to review our plans to make the application to Sport Scotland.

ACTION: Trustees to complete Conflict of Interest forms and return them to AA

ACTION: HC to take over the Facebook administration

ACTION: HC agreed to look at layers of media comms and create an agreed signage etc. ACTION: Harry to report back to the board on Facebook, Instagram, website etc. 

ACTION : AS to explore what Castlebrae funds are to be used for with Ali Grant.

ACTION : SC to speak to Tara and Jackie Caldwell about those funds and how to use them.

ACTION: AA to update SOP’s with changes above.

Minutes approved for both meetings 12th May and 14th July. (Noted that If Others not at this meeting wished to email with comments, AA would accept changes. (


New Build

DC thanked JM for the detailed paper on funding for the New building.

Budget for new build confirmed at £157k excl VAT, this does not include future professional fees or landscaping and also fees for John Kingsley, Ian Hogg’s fees and Engineers fees.

SC confirmed that groundwater test was completed without issues.

Trustees had a discussion about plans for the new building in light of the new quotation.

JM outlined two routes of funding:  

Option 1. 50 % of eligible costs, ie apply for £78.5k with PSKC responsible for other £78.5k

Oprion 2. Apply for 75%. This would require us to demonstrate clearly how we are servicing an SIMD(Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation) area. Work with Castlebrae is a very good example of this.  Craigmillar, Niddrie, Newcraighall are all examples of this. Ie Where 4 out of 10 children receive free school meals. Jack Mitchell of RYA felt we were in with a good chance, with activity like Castlebrae. An 100% grant would be £117k against total with £39k left for PSKC to raise.  Trustees discussed the shortfall could be raised through Trust and Foundation applications or a bank loan or mortgage. It was acknowledged that many T&F are under a great deal of pressure from a large increase in applications.

In terms of match funding, Sport Scotland would need to see list of match;

Charitable trusts and funders, Corporate donations and an individual giving campaign. Each discipline could do a fundraiser etc.

Trustees agreed that we needed to move quickly as funds may not be there.

JM laid out requirements for a successful application. JM made it clear that community impact was crucial to success, not just the capital costs. Clear demonstration of participation would need to be outlined.

JM confirmed that Jack was happy to work with us to get the application into some shape. He will start a draft of familiar sections for us.  JM outlined supporting letters we would require could come from official bodies like the SCA, RYA, Headteacher of Castlebrae school, MP Tommy Shepherd, Councillor Maureen Childs etc.

DC acknowledged that

ACTION: JM to arrange scoping meeting to explore club vision for new build.

ACTION: JM to contact Andy Johnstone and Ali Grant to get more information regarding the Castlebrae project and its potential continuation.

DC suggested that we should seek additional quotations on the building spec. This was agreed. SC also suggested we should look at legitimate ways to avoid VAT payments.

ACTION: SC & AA to arrange a meeting with Paul Mannings (Accountant) to look at the building project and potential tax savings.

SC suggested that it would be good if John Kingsley would project manage the build project.

DC stressed the importance of getting a number of quotes for the build in order to try and reduce the cost.

ACTION: SC to talk to Ian and John to get specification and assistance in order that the Trust could seek alternative quotes.

Richard Hope (RH) Joined the Meeting at this point.

RH Commented that he was confused by the three-fold increase in the quote and suggested John would also be surprised. RH confirmed that we must go out to tender once we have a full spec quotes to be given in consultation with our specialists who have developed the plans.

ACTION SC to speak to John K about Spec and tender process.

RH suggested that whilst planning had been granted, the project still required a building warrant, upon which we could start a tender process.

DC remarked that it was unlikely not to get a warrant with planning permission already granted and that there was no reason to wait for the warrant. Trustees agreed.

RH recalled John’s suggested process of planning, followed by warrant, quotes and then finally funding. 


It was acknowledged by Trustees that there was some concern raised by members over the CCTV. A particular concern was that members were not aware of its existence. There was discussion about the ownership of the CCTV, it was resolved that the club did have ownership of it.  There was also discussion about how it had been authorised and implemented in terms of Governance. It was acknowledged that whist previous trustees had been present at a subcommittee meeting and the decision to install CCTV had been accepted, this recommendation should have been presented at the following board meeting for full Trustee approval. As it is not in the minute of a previous Trustees’ meeting, it is therefore assumed that it wasn’t approved by Trustees. As a result, a vote to retain the CCTV was taken, Trustees resolved unanimously to retain the system. This would be subject to a strict data policy. It was agreed that as part of that policy, a single member of the Trust should have access to the CCTV, should it be required. It was agreed that with the CCTV being housed by the Beach House, it was sensible for SC to take that designated role. Trustees agreed.

RH made it clear that whilst he could see a use for the CCTV in terms of security, he made it clear how uncomfortable he was in terms of people’s privacy and that access to it had to be properly managed and documented. Trustees acknowledged RH’s concerns and agreed with his recommendation.

AA did remind Trustees that CCTV was not a requirement of the club’s insurance.

Covid -19

DC asked if Trustees were aware with issues regarding the current regulations. Nothing was reported.

JM reported that rowers had done a trial that weekend and were due to do two more in due course.

DC added his thanks to all those members who had helped to get the Club open again in terms of club activities.

RH confirmed that activity for up to 30 people should be possible under the Sport Scotland guidelines.  JM outlines actions being taken by rowers to prepare for restarting including appointing a Covid Officer and asked if the whole Club required a single cross activity office. It was acknowledged that communication between the disciplines was preferable.

RH warned that guidelines were now regulation, although it was agreed that regulations were widely known and therefore it was not necessary for the Trust to specifically contact the membership.


JM Raised an enquiry from Scottish Fire and Rescue service who are interested in compiling a register of local assets and have approached the club about specifically about listing the as the Rib for potential emergency cover for activities beyond the club’s use. Ie enhancement for local emergency services. Trustees agreed that it was a good idea. DC agreed he would be the contact person for this.

JM mentioned a Kayak enquiry and wanted to check RH had had them. RH indicated that there were a number of enquiries.

It was agreed that a shiny new sign for the club should be commissioned with the correct website details etc.

Date of next meeting 17th November 7.30pm location tbc.


ACTION: JM  to get dates for ‘Vision’ meeting


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