Trustees meeting 18th November 2020


MINUTES of a meeting of the Trustees, held on ZOOM at 7.30 p.m. on the 18th Nov 2020.


  1. Present:

Trustees:  David Crawley (DC) (Chair), Jane Martin (JM), Richard Hope (RH) Allan Smith (AS) (Treasurer), Harry Crawley (HC), Paul Walker (PW), Catherine Scott (CS) (Membership Secretary) Anthony Alderson (AA) (Secretary),

2. Apologies: Sara Christie (SC),

  1. Approval of the Minutes for 15th September was given.
  2. Matters Arising: None
  3. Action Points brought forward from previous meetings were reviewed, those still ongoing


ACTION: AA to continue research the best online system for the storage of documents.

ACTION: RH to give DC access to Kayaking Spond group

ACTION: Trustees to complete Conflict of Interest forms and return them to AA


ACTION: HC confirmed that he has access to Club Face book, HC continues to review social media accounts. Club only uses Facebook and Twitter. HC to look into Instragram page when the club reopens more fully.


ACTION : AS to explore what Castlebrae funds are to be used for with Ali Grant.

ACTION : SC to speak to Tara and Jackie Caldwell about those funds and how to use them.



RH mentioned that he had been speaking to Gordon in order to get more control over the site.


RH have reduced access privileges for Go membership, aside from the board, Graeme Findlay and MC? have access as they are assisting RH.



Minutes approved for both meetings 12th May and 14th July. (Noted that If Others not at this meeting wished to email with comments, AA would accept changes.


AS confirmed that accounts were in the post to DC for signature.


  1. Membership Update


RH confirmed 263 members, all Spond Groups have been reduced to members only.  105 rowing 83 kayaking 58 Sailing.


  1. New Build


DC thanked JM and other members for their work on the Sport Scotland Application.


JM summarised progress. Application to Sport Scotland Made on November 1st 2020 for the new ‘Communities Watersports Hub’

Total amount of the project including VAT £155,251. Application to Sport Scotland facilities fund was for 50% of the total sum £77,626.

Proposed start date 1st October 2021, John Kinsey estimated 24 week build.

Sport Scotland will do check of application, club will be then allocated a project manager from Sport Scotland. This could involve various site meetings meeting etc to assess the application. JM has received confirmation of receipt of the application only.  Outcome should be 3 months, February 2021.


JM thanks all members for the assistance with the application and for the vision meeting.


DC confirmed that Jack is moving on at the end of January. PW asked if we are still in contact from Robin Nichol? 


ACTION: DC to write to RYA to express thanks for Jack’s contribution.


JM explained that she felt Jacks departure is coterminous with the end of RYAs three year club focus programme.


Budget for new build confirmed at £157k excl VAT, this does not include future professional fees or landscaping and also fees for John Kingsley, Ian Hogg’s fees and Engineers fees.


CS suggested that perhaps this was an appropriate moment to email the membership. DC confirmed that he would circulate this as part of an overall end of year statement.


RH asked of there would be a replacement for Jack? JM confirmed that it would be allocated to a project manager within RYA.


AA asked about match funding, JM suggested that we ought to wait until we have a result from Sport Scotland. Applications to Trust s would be necessary prior to February.


DC confirmed that we needed to plan a call to the membership regarding their contribution to fundraising.


JM confirmed that Sport Scotland would expect to see match funding activity in the spring. Full match fund is required within 6 months of Grant being received.


JM suggested that a crowdfunder would be useful at the end of the process.


ACTION: DC to write membership


Board agreed it would be worthwhile creating a fundraising sub committee from the membership. DC to do a call to action as part of the end of year letter.


PW requested a copy of the Sport Scot application. 


  1. Board Members


DC thanked CS for all of her hard work and commitment on the board over the years.


CS suggested that it was important that all disciplines within the club were represented on the board. CS outlined that it was important to have experience of all three disciplines. RH agreed but made it clear that it was important to recognise that trustees represent entire club and we should be careful of becoming too siloed.


AA Should we encourage people to stand at the next AGM. CS suggested we could co-opt if necessary.


Board agreed that it would be useful to look at board skills and see where there might be gaps.


RH suggested that the club needed to start delegating responsibility to members and not keep it to the board.


DC suggested that while RYA suggested a board of 5 people, we have strength in having a larger active board.  DC suggested a call out to the membership to encourage people to join the board as part of the newsletter.


JM agreed with the larger number of rowers n the club, it would be good to have another rower represented on the board.


RH and DC stressed that we ought to creating activity to better integrate the different disciplines. Ideas suggested, Yard working groups, Regatta, social activities.


JM acknowledged that the Sport Scot assessment would want to see demonstrable activity for the new clubhouse across the membership.


ACTION: AA & DC to take up Insurance


CS stressed that lease needs to be finalised before New build could go ahead. CS outlined the history of the lease document, including assistance CS had received from a colleague at her work.  CS stated that heads of terms we reached some time ago, but the final document still needs negotiating.


ACTION: PW agreed to look into lease documents. However made it clear that he was not a solicitor.


PW suggested it would be useful to have CS continue in the process.


  1. AOB


Policies to be adopted – Data Policy and Safe-guarding Policy.


RH suggested that the safeguarding policy was too long. AA outlined that the policy and public statement was actually still very short but that the guidance document was more in line with a standard safeguarding process.  The policies were not adopted.


ACTION: Policies either need to be adopted or reviewed.


CS suggested that minutes need to be circulated as soon after meeting as possible. AA said he would get them out as soon he could.


It was discussed if minutes needed to be circulated rather than published. It was agreed that minutes don’t need to be openly published and we should look into password protected  area of the website.


ACTION: Minutes to be emailed to membership via GO membership

ACTION: RH to make AA an administrator on Go membership and instruction about email.



CS Expressed how much she had enjoyed being on the board and thank trustees for the support she had received from the board.


There was a discussion regarding the break in at the yard. It was agreed that a general email to the membership about security was a good idea.


Date of next Trustee meeting agreed 19th January 2021

ACTION: Date of AGM to be 23rd March



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