We have a number of club kayaks, including sit on tops and sea kayaks. We also have storage for members kayaks and open canoes.

We organise a range of activities at which members can use their own boats or club boats.

We run adults kayaking sessions on Thursdays, 6.30pm at the yard (weather  and daylight dependent of course!).

We aim for one of these every month to be focussed on beginners.

The other sessions will generally be split into two groups – a coached group and a peer paddle.

People in the coached group can expect some coaching(!) but also that they will be looked after and safety decisions made for them. The level of coaching may vary dependent on the experience of participants.

People on the peer paddle are expected to look after their own safety and that of the group. You are expected to know about and have practised both rescues and rescuing others. This is intended to be a self-organising group or groups. Feel free to come with ideas.