PSKC Trustees meeting 6th March 2018

Present: Andy, Ian, Richard, Graeme, Lorna, Ali, Olly, Sara, Catherine, Steve

Apologies: Mhairi, Jeremy

Minutes of the last meeting were approved.

Accidents/Incidents/ near misses – None to report

Constitution changes – The changes that were approved at the AGM are to be sent to  OSCR.  Steve will send them.  Richard will let the SCA know of the changes.  Richard and Steve

Re-election of trustees – Ian was nominated as chair, Andy as secretary and Olly as treasurer.  Ian wanted to make it clear that he does not want to be chair after this year.  A vote of thanks to Steve was taken for his work as treasurer since the club stated.

Child protection officers – The child protection officers for reach discipline are: Shona Tallach (kayaking), Candida Alderson (sailing).  Andy is to check that Candida is still able to do this job.  Ali will be the trustee contact for them and progress any relevant forms with them. Ali and Andy

PSKC and Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG)  – It was decided that all trustees should be PVG’d.  It was confirmed that we currently have a Child protection Policy.  We are also sharing the good practice guides from sailing and kayaking.  Two trustees are trained in safeguarding.  All

Further roles – Additional roles were discussed and who might be able to take on the responsibilities.  It was felt yard tidying and prom and beach tidying would be a very useful role for someone to lead.  At the AGM both Alex and Warren had expressed an interest in taking on responsibility.  Graeme will contact them about this. Graeme

Next years plans – Ian suggested that each discipline should make a plan of what they want to spend over the next year of allocated money, after core costs have been deducted.  The money will be divided up proportional to the amount the members from each discipline pay in fees and storage.  Currently this works out at 50% sailors, 30% kayakers and 20% rowers (this will be reviewed in the coming year). This will be discussed at the next meeting.  Graeme, Richard, Catherine

Finances – Olly is to meet Lynn (the accountant) and Steve to discuss how the accounts are organised and monies allocated to enable a smooth hand over of responsibility for the accounts to Olly.  He will then meet the treasurers of each discipline.  Olly will start the process of moving the PSKC account from RBS (which has now closed in Portobello) to Bank of Scotland.  Olly, Steve

Web Site – The new web site is aiming to go live on 1/4/18.  It is hoped to have a demo available by the next trustees meeting (27/3/18).  Pics are needed, however it is important we have peoples permission to use their pic on the web site.   The new system will send reminders for people to pay this years membership and storage fees.  All

RYA Focus club – We decided we want to continue to be an RYA focus club.  Graeme will let the RYA know.  The meeting after next will discuss future plans with Robin Paris. Steve will also contact Sports Scotland regarding any future projects.  Graeme and Steve

Yard entrance – The mesh is going in next week.  The rowers will need to cancel rowing for a couple of days.  It is planned that all boats will be washed on the prom from now on. All

Tractor registration – Andy is progressing this.  Andy

Next meeting 27/3/18

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