AGM 19th February

PSKC AGM 2019 19th February 2019

Introduction by Chair (Ian Caldwell) – Achievements compared to aims last year… There are now about 340 members this is the highest ever. Communication via new web site (Go membership) and SPOND are bedding in but proving successful so far. Socials have been held in each discipline but also as a whole club via the ceilidh which was very successful. Thank you Conrad. We are looking to improve club facilities by developing a couple of shipping containers to house toilets and changing facilities. This is in partnership with Sports Scotland. This is still at an early stage.

Accounts (Olly Treadway) – Thanks to Lynn (our book keeper) for her work using Quick books. This year we have changed bank accounts and also changed the way people pay into the account and are reimbursed. Accounts for last year were sent to all members before the AGM (there were no questions regarding the accounts).

Thank you – There was recognition of all the work put into the club by Steve and Sybil Bacica who have been involved from the beginning. Steve is stepping down as a trustee this year. A presentation was made in their absence.

Discipline reports Rowers – The boats go out approximately 50X a week. This is a mix of Social, Racing, and training rows. Porty regatta went well. Porty are going to the world championships in the summer in Stranraer. Last year they organised trips to N Berwick, Bass rock, Seacliff beach, Inchcolm Island. They also took a boat to Lewis to continue the partnership with the club there. There is a rowing social on 15th March 7.30 at St Johns.

Sailing – A number of people have gained qualifications this year. They now have two pwr boat instructors, three dinghy instructors, multiple PB2s, 3 pwr boat rescue, one VHF instructor and one Youth pwr boat PB2. They ran two sailing training sessions during the evenings over 4 weeks. This year they are looking to do something similar but over a weekend. They are aiming to use other non-qualified sailors who can pass on their skills which will be overseen by the qualified instructors. They filled the rescue duty rota for the year but are always looking for new volunteers to take on shore based roles and positions in the RIB. They had a race officer training day. There have been two sailing socials this year.

Castlebrae partnership – It has now been running for 5 years. This year they have run two 5 week sessions on Friday mornings with S2 pupils. These are linked to the subjects in the curriculum. It is planned that this will continue and a permanent one hour a week will be put aside in the timetable of the pupils to make deeper connections with the club. The school have also built a skiff. The plan is for the boat to be stored in the yard and the pupils to come and use it regularly. A planned residential is to take part in June involving teachers, PSKC members and the S2 pupils. One boy in S3 that attended the sessions last year gained his Youth Power Boat qualification this summer and now helps out in the club and with the Castlebrae sessions. Longer term funding for this partnership needs to be considered as the current funding through the school may reduce in the future.

Open water Swimming – This year a partnership began with the open water swimming club. Some of their members have become members of PSKC and have gained their PB2 qualification. They borrow the small rescue boat on the occasions of an open water swim. For this they help out with the rescue rota and also give a donation to the club.

Kayaking – They continue to attract new members (they are over 100 at the moment). They are looking to train up more qualified members to cater for the beginners. They have made a partnership with Bridge 8 which has included borrowing boats from each other and bringing in expert advice from instructors at Glen More Lodge. They are also working closely with Lothian Sea Kayaking Club in running pool sessions. They have run trips to St Abbs, The Tweed, Bass rock and the Union canal amongst others.

New trustees appointed Anthony Alderson, John Holligan, Andy Johnstone, Catherine Scott, Ian Coldwell, Ali Grant, Olly Treadway, Sara Christey, Richard Hope

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