minutes 15th January

Minutes trustees meeting 15th January Present: Ali, Andy, Catherine, Ian, Richard, Sara Apologies: Graeme, Mhairi, Steve

Accidents/Incidents/Near misses – non to report

Club Infrastructure – Planning will be needed. Over the next three weeks Sara is to get Information from John Kinsley and pass it to Ali and Ian to develop a timeline. Sara, Ali, Ian

Finances – Surplus will be carried over to next year. Olly to provide summary accounts for each meeting. Olly

Insurance – Catherine to ask Steve if he is happy to hand over the insurance liaison role to Catherine. A list of club activities had been prepared for insurance purposes – Catherine to ask Steve where this is to be sent. Andy to contact Edinburgh council about what aspects of the Castlebrae activities they cover. Catherine, Andy

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) – To be deferred to the next meeting. All Discipline reports Sailing – A small hull is to be bought as a secondary rescue boat. Olly is to reimburse sailing account with the money owed. Olly

Rowing – Lots of regatta’s coming up and a number of new keen members.

Kayaking – Pool sessions have gone ahead (tricky organising with changes in Edinburgh Leisure). A good new years day paddle. They use SPOND to communicate. There is a kayak meeting on Tuesday 22nd Feb.

Temporary membership – A discussion was had about how the different club activities use temporary membership. For the past few years the rowers have offered two free Sunday trial rows by admitting temporary members to their communications system (formerly Big Tent, now Spond). Kayaking and sailing use temporary membership for one-off try-outs and take a written note of the person’s details. After discussion the trustees decided the rowers should offer just one free trial row and manage it off Spond. Catherine is going to speak to the rowers about moving towards this by the start of the new financial year. Catherine

Roles of Trustees – Proposed roles for future trustees are……Membership, IT, website, Kit maintenance, insurance. Andy to contact Jeremy regarding the web site. Andy

Trustees missing meetings – remind new trustees of the number of times they should come to meetings. New Chair

Member’s Behaviour – There was a discussion about whether the Board needs to tackle poor behaviour between members (e.g. bullying and bad-mouthing). This was not currently a problem but had been in the past. Catherine to look at what the constitution says and consider whether a club code of behaviour would be useful. Catherine

AGM – Ian to put out a reminder. Richard is to talk about Kayaking, Andy Castlebrae, Olly and Andy Sailing and Olly the accounts. Ian, Richard, Andy, Olly

Extend Friday sessions – In principle this was agreed. Andy to take forward. Andy

Stolen kayaks – Two kayaks were stolen. The insurance is being contacted. Ian and Richard

10th anniversary – Will be discussed at the next meeting. All

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