PSKC Trustees meeting 7th March 2017

Present: Andy, Richard, Graeme, Catherine, Ian, Mhairi, Sara, Steve

Apologies: Jeremy, Lorna

Minutes of the last meeting were approved.

Accidents/ Incidents/ near misses – Nothing to report

Swimming Club – Andy is in touch with the Portobello swimming club who would like to take part in sailing, rowing and kayaking towards the end of summer. He has given them rough prices and the ratios needed. He will take this forward. Andy

Discipline budgets – Each discipline will decide on a budget for their proposed activities this year and present them to the trustees by the third week of March. This will be discussed by trustees via e-mail. So far sailing has put in a proposal of 2K for training for 2017 season. All

Change to membership fees – Richard will inform members of the change to membership fees on membermojo. This will go out when the membership invoices go out. Steve is to speak to the insurers regarding members who do not pay straight away and trustee liability. Richard/ Steve

Child Protection – It was decided to speak to parents at Uwe sessions at the start of the season to ask for a volunteer. If this fails all members will be canvasses to see if any can help take on this role. – Steve

Minutes – Graeme is to put all the minutes and agenda on the web site. Sara will put a copy on the garage door. Graeme

Web Site – Graeme is putting together a temporary web site. Each discipline will send Graeme some content. We will discuss with Jeremy at the next meeting what he is able to do. Steve has a number of people we may be able to contact to help out if we need to. All

Beach Volleyball – The beach Volleyball club would like to do something jointly with the club. Catherine is going to be the contact and will circulate a proposal to trustees. It was discussed that we could invite him to a trustees meeting to discuss further. – Catherine

RYA – Graeme is the point of contact for the RYA. At a recent RYA meeting the need for clubs to have a long term plans were talked about. It was discussed that the long term plan for PSKC needed to be revisited. Steve is going to circulate the poster that the club did with Osbert. Steve

Push the Boat Out – Graeme is co-ordinating the push the RYA push the boat out days. It will be on Saturday 13th and 20th May. Graeme

Try-Athon – Graeme and Andy will co-ordinate this. It will be held on the 30th April. Graeme and Andy

RYA and AALA – Graeme will put the RYA in contact with Andy regarding the clubs AALA licence. Graeme and Andy

New season – Graeme is to contact Ed about taking the RIB to be serviced. Steve is going to start the tractor and see if it needs a service. Graeme and Steve

New Rowporty members – Mhairi is to contact patsy to discuss issues around new members signing up to Rowporty and accessing club opportunities. Mhairi

Finance/ Accounts – It was decided to return to the Quickbooks accounting system. All

Memebership joining experience – It was decided that each discipline should have a person responsible for new members. This will be discussed at the next meetings of the disciplines. All

Sub-committee templates – Everyone was happy with Richards template for the sub-committees

Next meeting 25th April

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