Trustee Minutes June 2019

PSKC trustees meeting 18th June 2019

Present: Andy Johnstone, Catherine Scott, Sara Christy, Richard Hope, Ali Grant

Apologies: Ian Coldwell, John Holligan, Anthony Alderson

Accidents/ Incidents/ Near misses

A sailor got very cold after capsizing at the RYA Push the Boat Out event.  He was brought ashore and given tea and was eventually warmed up by staff in the Beach House.  On talking with the Rib driver on the day and others who were involved it was decided that everything on the water was done correctly.  The sailor could not right the capsized boat and became tired and eventually the cold caught up with him.  The boat was then recovered by the rescue crew.  The problem was the mast had got stuck on the sea floor. It had to be taken down to recover the boat.  The beach house staff were very helpful.  Our thanks to them.


There are 296 members (252 adults and 44 juniors).  There is a roughly 50:50 male/ female split.  Almost all EH post codes are represented.

Family membership was discussed.  A member had pointed out that they were a family but did not live at the same address (this is a requirement of family membership).  It was agreed that the current family membership was not inclusive.  Also there have been many problems with members joining as a family as it does not always join all the family members.  It was decided to remove Family membership from the joining options.  Richard is to ask Jeremy to remove this option for next year.  It will be raised at the next AGM.  The online temporary membership option will also be reviewed.  Richard


Postponed until next meeting

Club news

Ali is to write a 3 month newsletter Items form trustees to Ali.  All


The council is going to give a 20 year lease on the yard.  This will start form season 2020-2021.  Catherine is to liaise with the council. Catherine

Club documentation

The option of storing club documents on line was discussed.  Richard is to ask Lynn if she can store the information. Richard


Andy to send Richard the latest SOP so the kayaking section can be updated. Andy/ Richard

Inactive boats

Richard is to ask Go Membership if the automatic storage option can be blocked until approval is given.  Along with the storage approval a storage form with conditions of storage is to be sent to all members who receive permission to store a boat.

Catherine will draft letters two letters to two ex-members who have boats in the yard (they have not paid storage and are not paid up members for this season). Andy is to the remove the two people form the Go Membership records.

The aim is to get this resolved quickly (by the next meeting). Catherine and Andy

Common repairs

Common repairs across all three disciplines, John is to lead.  Ali to ask how far this has got.

John/ Ali


The architect is to go to a pre planning meeting to ask about the potential plans. Ali is to liaise with the architect. Ali

Schools partnership

Tower bank PS and Castlebrae HS are both running in the Autumn for a 5 week half day block.  Ali and Andy will lead this.  Andy is to investigate links with other schools. It was discussed about the clubs capacity to run schools sessions and the idea of prioritising local schools.  However any school that wanted to take part in activities at the club would be discussed on an individual basis bearing in mind the long term advantage to the club in promoting its aims. Andy/ Ali

10 year anniversary

Sara and Anthony will report back at the next meeting. Sara and Anthony


A donation of £100 was given to the club from Kezia Dugdale.  It was to support the outreach work to young people that the club is involved in.Next meeting 27th August

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