Minutes 27th August

PSKC trustees Meeting August 27th

Present: Catherine Scott, John Holligan, Andy Johnstone, Ali Grant, Sara Christey (left after discussion of the new lease), Richard Hope

Apologies: Ian Coldwell,

Accidents/ Incidents and Near misses – There were complaints that RIB drivers on the Wednesday evening session were driving too close to the shore and too fast.  It is important that all drivers read the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).  The SOP has been amended to include a description of the area sailors and RIB drivers are to operate in.  A discussion was had about the need for the Wednesday evening group to be a normal part of the club protocols next year.  Andy to amend SOP.  Andy

Storage and Go membership – Richard will go ahead and purchase the option of being able to block people storing boats without being members.  Richard

Members – There is a total membership of 338.  We may need to think of limiting membership if numbers keep rising as there might be a diminished experience for people if they are not able to use the club how we would like e.g. not enough space on courses or in boats.  However the sailors could take more people. 

The sailors would like to sail in the close season.  It was discussed that to do this they would need RIB cover and more people need to be trained up in this.  The members will be asked if they would like to be trained as PB2 drivers.  Andy will ask them.  Andy

Finance – We were unsure if the lease had been paid this year Ali will find out.  All the discipline accounts are in balance.  Lynn will be contacted by Ali about closing the old RBS account.  Ali

Non payments of boat fees – Three letters of increasing severity will be sent before a boat is removed from the yard.  Sara and Catherine will begin the process of removal of boats this week.  Sara and Catherine

New Lease – The new lease is very long and legalistic (we will look for a lawyer to have a look at it).  Catherine is to lead this.  Catherine

Club development – A meeting was had with club members. They suggested good ideas which will be considered when drawing up the final plans.  Ali to progress this with John Kinsey. Ali

Garage repair – A garage repair is needed to keep it going for another year (the roof leaks).  John is to investigate. John

SOP – Rowers will review their section and get back to Andy. Catherine

Camping trip – The Wednesday evening group have requested to take club boats on a camping trip this W/E. We want to support this activity across the club but it was decided that we haven’t got the club protocols and Risk Assessments in place to let this happen.  We will work over the winter to get these protocols and Risk assessments in place for next season. Andy

Common repair system – John is to speak to Graeme and pull it together for the 6th of Sept.  John

School sessions – The next Castlebrae session start on Friday the 6th sept for 5 week.  The sessions have been expanded to include Tower Bank primary school in the afternoon. Andy and Ali will coordinate this.  Andy and Ali

Sail training – The sailors held a sail training W/E on the 24 and 25th August.   Sailing volunteers helped train the new sailors led by Andy and Graeme.  It was a success although the lack of wind and a har meant the Sunday sail had to be re-arranged for later in September. Andy and Graeme

Next Meeting 29th October

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